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If you are feeling unprepared, know that you are not alone. Ideas for E.

Students will also use their critical thinking skills to consider different careers that would require geographic knowledge and decide what projection would serve them best for each. Mapping Your Future can help! Students will create a profile based on their: interest, skills and abilities, values, and personality.

Using the profile students will be able to search and save their results to find a career, find the major to achieve that career, and then the colleges which offer that major! My Future Welcome to your future! Sure the future can seem overwhelming. MyRoad This is Collegeboard. National Aeronautics Space Administration NASA for 9thth Students—provides a wealth of information and educational opportunties for students interested in pursuing the aero engineering field.

Next Step Magazine Planning for college and career can be a frightening and mind-boggling experience for any teenager. Next Step Magazine features articles on all aspects of this important transition period. The articles are updated monthly and archived for continued accessibility.

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Teens exploring careers will find articles on vocations from biomedical researcher to welder. Get occupational information on over careers and match your skills to an occupation. The whole site is organized by grade to make sure you get the exact info you need. So that's where we begin You have a checking account with a register, which will contain the money you earned as your new identity.

Every choice you make costs money, which will be deducted from the money in your checking account.

Opportunities in Welding

The trick to the game is to see if you can make ends meet and still have some cash at the end. STEMCareer Are you interested in anything to do with science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? Self-scoring, color-coded, interest inventory workbooks along with computer options and videos quickly convert hobbies, heroes and favorites into matching job recommendations at four different educational levels.

Texas Genuine CTE This is a series of courses, combined with hands-on training that prepares students for their chosen careers.

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Such is the story of blacksmithing. Once an essential and vital trade, the blacksmith of today is free to allow passion to drive their creations.

How to start a career in Merchant Navy

While some may choose to practice old traditions, others seek to expand the boundaries of artistic expression by exploring new techniques and applications for their art. Blacksmithing refers to the art or process of shaping and forging metal with the use of heat and tools. From the time that civilizations discovered that metal could be forged, at least one blacksmith was present in nearly every town across the world.

This metal shaping technique made it much easier to forge better weapons, tools, and building materials. Blacksmiths not only made iron horseshoes, but they also forged and repaired weapons, tools, nails, screws, fences, and a variety of other items as well. The Industrial Revolution, however, nearly put an end to the blacksmithing trade. New machines, like screw-cutting lathes, could produce metal goods much faster and cheaper than blacksmiths ever could.

Today, blacksmithing is more of an art than a necessity, and the majority of modern blacksmiths now consider themselves to be artisans. When these types of metal get to a certain temperature, they start to melt, or become molten. In order to forge metal, blacksmiths use tongs to heat it up in a furnace or fire until it is red hot. Although it is still technically a solid at this point, this makes the metal much softer and more pliable. While the metal is easy to manipulate, a blacksmith will use a variety of different tools to shape and forge the metal.

He can place the red hot metal on an anvil or metal bench, for instance, and hammer it flat. He can also use several other tools to twist it, bend it, pull it, or drill holes in it. The process of heating and shaping the metal is repeated several times until the metal has reached the desired shape. Depending on a blacksmiths specialty, a variety or useful or artistic objects might be created during this process.

Some blacksmiths forge tools, horseshoes, or decorative fences, for instance. Other blacksmiths may simple create decorative metal objects or sculptures. Many modern blacksmiths start their careers as nothing more than weekend hobbies.

They are self-taught, and they received no formal education. In fact, a formal education is not always necessary in order to have a successful blacksmithing career. Blacksmiths with a formal education, however, are generally more likely to have successful careers, and they are usually able to command higher wages.

Blacksmithing Jobs

Becoming a certified welder can be the first step to landing a great job after welding school. Welding depends on a high level of knowledge, skill, and eye-hand coordination. Welding is a part of everything from bridges to aircraft airframes.

The strength and stability of such structures are important to public safety, so employers often require welders to show their skill through testing and certification. Once you enter the field after welding school, there are two primary types of certification you could seek:. Employment testing is the traditional welder certification. Employers have done this for years to confirm that a welder is competent in a specific process on a certain type of weld. If any of these variables change, you might need a new certification.

You are giving your express written consent for Tulsa Welding School to contact you regarding our educational programs and services using email, telephone or text including our use of automated technology for calls or texts to any wireless number you provide. This consent is not required to purchase goods or services and you may always call us directly at Here are a few different types of certifications you could find with employment testing:. You can be certified in a process on one metal, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium.

The thickness of the base metal used on the test will determine the range of thickness of base metal you are certified to work with.

Blacksmith | Careers | Salary |

If you test on one classification and size of filler metal, you might need to recertify for one with different specifications. Being certified in one process with one type of shielding gas does not mean you are certified in the same process with other types of shielding gases. Each type has codes for the positions, which are: flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead which are numbered 1 through 4.

There are additional codes for pipe welding indicating if the position is in a fixed horizontal position or a 45 degree fixed position. Your welder certification may be only for one type of power source, such as AC, DC, pulsed power, or high frequency. After welding school, if you seek AWS certification , you may want to complete the Certified Welder program. This certification allows you to test on AWS Standard Welding Procedures, company-issued, non-code welding specifications, or industry standard specifications.

Some employers use AWS certification instead of their own tests. The AWS Certified Welder program is more comprehensive than traditional employer welder certifications.