Con le manine Giunte (Italian Edition)

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Metti fuori la mano ; i palmi in su.


Now hands out , palms up. Ora mani in fuori , palmi verso l'alto. Palms up, you turn the blade and slash. Palmo in alto, gira la lama e squarcia.

Regions of Italy - Wikipedia

Stendi la mano , palmo in alto. Smiling, Aeneas shrugs and holds his hands , palms up.

Sorridendo, Aeneas si stringe nelle spalle e tende le mani a palmi in su. Hold the hand like this , palm up.

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Palms up on the wall and spread 'em. Mani contro il muro e allargate le gambe. Put out your hand with your palm up. Metti le mani con i palmi verso l'alto. Lift your arms , palms up, like you're holding a double goat cheese and anchovy pizza. Solleva le mani , palmi in alto, come se stessi tenendo un doppio hamburger e pizza alle alici.

As you raise your hands palms up a foot is sliding forward. Put both hands , palms up, on your knees. Metti le mani sulle ginocchia , palmi in su. All of you , right? Palm up.

When Hands Talk in the Italian Language

Tutti voi , va bene? Palmo in su. This isn't a palms-up military run , Mal. Arms out to the sides , palms up.

In ginocchio , pancia a terra. Hands out in front of you. Palms up, together. If you are absolutely sure of something, you would metterci la mano sul fuoco , put your hand in the fire to swear your allegiance.

Then you're likely to vincere a mani basse win hands down and, as the ancient Roman hand above seems to be indicating, become number-one. Mille grazie for explaining them all. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jann Huizenga on September 18, at am. Log in to Reply.