Lamore che torna (Italian Edition)

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Dorabella To the field of battle! Despina So much the better for them: You'll see them return crowned with laurel. Fiordiligi But they might be killed! Despina Why then, So much the better for you. Fiordiligi rises angrily Fool, what are you saying?

2018 New Italian Cinema, a sparkling edition with spotlight on Tuscany

Despina The simple truth: you lose these two But all the rest are left. Fiordiligi Ah, without Guglielmo, I think I'd die! Dorabella Ah, without Ferrando I think I'd bury myself alive! Despina Splendid! That's what you think, but you wouldn't; No woman yet has ever died for love. Die for a man?

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There's lots more Where he came from. Dorabella And do you believe anyone could love Another man who once had had A Guglielmo, a Ferrando for lover? Despina The others have everything That these have. You love this man now; So you'd love another: One's as good as the other Since neither's worth a thing.

But we won't go into that; They're still alive And will come back alive; But they're far away, And rather than Waste time in idle tears, Think about enjoying yourselves. Fiordiligi Enjoying ourselves?

Despina Certainly! And what's more, Making love furiously, as your Dear gentlemen will be doing on active service! Dorabella Don't insult those pure souls like this, Those models of fidelity and perfect love. Despina Go on with you! The times are past For spinning such tales even to babies! All of them Are made of the same stuff; The quivering leaves, The inconstant breezes Have more stability Than men. In us they only prize Their own pleasure; Then they despise us, Deny us affection, And from such tyrants There's no mercy to be had. We woman should pay out This hurtful, Impudent breed In their own coin; Let's love them To suit our convenience and our vanity!

All go out. Recitativo Don Alfonso Che silenzio! Che aspetto di tristezza Spirano queste stanze.

Temo un po' per Despina: quella furba Potrebbe riconoscerli; potrebbe Rovesciarmi le macchine. Ma, per esser sicuro, si potria Metterla in parte a parte del segreto Despina Chi batte? Don Alfonso Oh!

Song Lyrics

Despina Ih! Esce dalla sua stanza Don Alfonso Despina mia, di te Bisogno avrei. Despina Ed io niente di lei. Don Alfonso Ti vo' fare del ben. Don Alfonso mostrandole una moneta d 'oro Parla piano, ed osserva. Despina Me la dona? Despina E che vorebbe? Son qua. Don Alfonso Prendi ed ascolta. Sai che le tue padrone Han perduti gli amanti. Despina Lo so. Don Alfonso Tutti i lor pianti, Tutti i deliri loro anco tu sai. Despina So tutto. Don Alfonso Or ben, se mai Per consolarle un poco E trar, come diciam, Chiodo per chiodo, Tu ritrovassi il modo Da metter in lor grazia Due soggetti di garbo Che vorrieno provar Despina Non mi dispiace Questa proposizione.

Ma con quelle buffone Son belli? E, sopra tutto, Hanno una buona borsa I vostri concorrenti? Li vuoi veder? Despina E dove son? Li posso far entrar? Don Alfonso fa entrar gli amanti, che son travestiti. Recitative Don Alfonso How silent! What an air of sorrow These rooms wear! Poor dears!

Love Is A Simple Thing

It's not really their fault; They need consolation; Until their two credulous lovers Appear disguised, As I instructed them, Let's see what can be done. I'm a bit worried about Despina; That little baggage might recognise them; She could upset the apple? Let's see? But to be certain, it might be best To let her into a part of the secret.

La clemenza di Tito libretto (Italian/English) - opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

That's a splendid idea! Here's her room. Despina Who's that? She comes out Don Alfonso Despina my dear, I have need of you.

Despina Well, I haven't of you. Don Alfonso I mean you well. Despina An old man like you Can do nothing for a girl. Don Alfonso showing her a gold coin Drop your voice and look here! Despina Are you giving me it? Don Alfonso Yes, if you'll do what I ask. Despina And what do you want? Gold is my undoing. Don Alfonso And you shall have it If I can trust you. Despina Is that all? I'm ready. Don Alfonso Take it, then; now listen. You know your mistresses Have lost their lovers.

Despina I know.

Don Alfonso And you know Of all their weeping and wailing. Despina I know it all. Don Alfonso All right: If, to console them A little and, as they say, To replace like with like, You were to find a way Of bringing to their favour Two presentable fellows Who are anxious to try You take my meaning There's another, twenty scudi for you If you bring it off. Despina I've nothing against this proposition.